Congratulations, Maxine Waters! It looks like people are taking your recent advice to heart:

Yeah … this is nothing to be proud of.

Elaine Chao don’t play around, y’all.

Clearly not.

All praise for Elaine Chao aside, though, in what universe is this kind of behavior OK? Chao is fortunate to have had security nearby to help fend off the handful of protesters this time, but who’s to say there won’t be more angry protesters next time? For her, or for someone else?

Yep. Nothing screams “bravery” like harassing a woman over a policy she isn’t responsible for and for having the gall to be married to Mitch McConnell.

Well, only some women:

Well, anyway, we look forward to the round-the-clock coverage of this incident from woke journalists. We’re sure it’ll begin anytime now.