Well, this looks bad.

The New York Daily News’ Linda Stasi recently wrote up a post slamming FNC’s Kimberly Guilfoyle — and suggesting FNC should fire her — for reportedly dating Donald Trump Jr.:

And Stasi proceeded to stick her foot in her mouth:

Guilfoyle is indeed half Puerto Rican. So … yeesh.

Kinda, yeah.

So, was it intentional on Stasi’s part?

If nothing else, Stasi mischaracterized Guilfoyle’s role at Fox News.

The “picking grapes” line? That’s just problematic gravy.

In any event, we doubt Stasi will get called out by her liberal colleagues over it. After all, Guilfoyle’s the wrong kind of Latina.

Parting flashback:

Charming woman, that Linda Stasi.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.



Guess Stasi didn’t like the blowback: