Democrats are so much more in tune with their constituents than Republicans. Just look at Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who hopped in an RV last month to connect with the common folk:

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

The RV, named BigBlue by the campaign, was unveiled late last month by McCaskill, who said she was “very excited to hit the road” in it for an upcoming “Veterans for Claire” tour. The campaign kept a live blog of its three-day RV trip from May 29 to May 31, posting updates of its whereabouts.

But it seems that in all McCaskill’s excitement, she forgot to mention that her private plane was making all the same stops.

Definitely just a coincidence.

Now, it’s important to note that Brent Scher, who wrote the Free Beacon’s article, never once claimed that McCaskill was actually traveling using her plane, as opposed to the RV. Scher did, however, point out that McCaskill has tried funny business with her plane in the past:

McCaskill has taken steps to hide the use of her plane. In a 2017 email obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, the senator asked the Federal Aviation Administration to block radar tracking information on her plane from being publicly broadcast on the internet. The request blocks the ability to track her plane on websites such as

All indications from the McCaskill campaign were that she was traveling on the RV. The campaign bragged after the three-day tour concluded that it had traveled 700 miles on the RV. The campaign asked in fundraising emails for money to fuel the RV, complaining, “gas is expensive.”

“It costs us $200 just to fill up the RV and with the number of places we plan on going—that adds up fast,” the campaign wrote, without mentioning aircraft fuel costs. “Will you pitch in just $5 today to help fund our RV tour and power us to a victory in November?”

But despite the Free Beacon’s straightforward reporting, McCaskill still seemed upset about something:

Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti had some thoughts on her reaction:

Could be!

Yeah, that’s because it looks like she is:

More from Politico:

“I added some stops with the use of the plane, but I was on the RV so much that the broken door drove me crazy,” McCaskill said in a brief Tuesday interview in the Capitol, adding that “I even lost an iPad around a corner on the RV.”

She disputed the notion that the use of the plane allowed her to “pretend” that she was using an RV rather than the multi-million-dollar plane, reportedly purchasedby her husband’s company in 2013.

“I spent two-plus days on the RV,” McCaskill said, and the plane “picked me up at the end of one day, after I spent all day on the RV” before being used to add “some stops.” The RV wasn’t used during that added portion of the tour, she said.

Oh man.

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