The Daily Beast’s social editor Mandy Velez apparently got quite a shock today when she found out she owed $400 for medical appointments:

Naturally, she used this setback to give America the finger:

That’s a lovely sentiment, Mandy.

Gosh, we could’ve sworn the “Affordable Care Act” was supposed to result in “affordable healthcare for all.”

Obamacare has failed to deliver on its unicorn promises for a lot of people. Of course, as its critics tried to warn, that was a feature; not a bug.

Our health insurance system was far from perfect. But the Affordable Care Act, sold to the American public as the solution to our health care problems, only made things worse.

By the way, Mandy, that’s the same “Affordable Care Act” that you gloated about once upon a time:

Let’s rewind about six years:

Speaking of moving …

We’ll even help her pack.

Nice try, Mandy. But no.