Apparently Oliver Willis’ condition is catching.

Upon learning that the conservative legend Dr. Charles Krauthammer has just a few weeks to live, self-described “National Magazine Award-winning ex-convict” Barrett Brown thought it would be a good time to re-up a 2009 piece on Krauthammer that he wrote for Vanity Fair, complete with a vile pronouncement:

Because God forbid some people put aside their petty politics for one damn second and remember how to act like a human being.

If your first priority when a man you disagree with is dying is to spit on his not-yet-dug grave, then you’re the one who needs to reset your priorities.

You’re not Bob Dylan, Barrett. You’re just a bitter, miserable shell of a man.

What a garbage person.

Sounds about right. But hey, at least more people will know who he is now. He’ll be famous at last. Just like Bob Dylan!

Go ahead and be proud of yourself, Barrett. If nothing else, your life will serve as an example on how not to be. In other words, you’re the complete opposite of Charles Krauthammer. And while you may take that as a compliment, Barrett, we can assure you: It’s not meant as one.