We knew the spin was inevitable … but somehow, the New York Times has managed to outperform even our lowest expectations:

Oh. Em. Gee.

Yes. Yes they are:

President Trump, who has long reveled in conspiracy theories, spent at least part of Wednesday morning lashing out at the news media about its coverage of the first lady, Melania Trump, while in the process repeating the kind of unfounded rumors about his wife that would normally attract legal action from him and his notoriously litigious family.

Without clarity from the White House, some journalists have used their platforms to speculate about Mrs. Trump’s life, including whether she was a victim of domestic violence. The guesswork has expanded beyond the news media. On Monday, as Mrs. Trump attended the event with Gold Star families, a contingent of observers on Twitter wondered whether the sparse footage captured of the event was indeed from that day.

And the timing of Mrs. Trump’s departure from the public eye was abrupt and baffling: It came as she was ramping up her public appearances and in the midst of launching her official platform, Be Best, which will focus on children’s issues.

So, basically, it’s Donald Trump’s fault that media have been running around fanning the flames of various Melania conspiracy theories. Good talk.

Why does the media deserve respect again?



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