CNN’s Brian Stelter took on Donald Trump this morning over the president’s criticism of the media’s recent treatment of Melania, but ended up punching himself in his proverbial nads by accident.

First up, here’s Stelter saying that the president conflated “random Twitter commenters” who came up with Melania conspiracy theories “with ‘the media’ here”:

Is he, shall we say, high? These were not just randos:

Unless Stelter consider former Obama official Jon Lovett to be a rando:

Or CNN contributor Joan Walsh:

Or Ashley Feinberg, HuffPost:

Or Josh Marshall, TPM:

Or Vox’s Matt Yglesias who joked about it:

Or The Daily Show’s Matt Negrin:

Or how HuffPost covered it?

And how local papers covered it?

Show your work, Brian:

It isn’t hard to find lots and lots of blue-check media people who were all-in on the speculation:

From all over!

And on and on and on we could go:

Talk about stepping on a rake:

Stelter is pushing back, however, saying that no outlets reported her “near death”…

…well it may well be the case that those words were never used, how else would you take a headline like this?




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