As Twitchy told you, earlier this morning, David Hogg’s home was SWAT-ted. Fortunately, Hogg was in D.C. with his mother, because this could’ve ended very, very badly. SWAT-ting is no joke. So … why is David Hogg treating it like one?

We’d give ABC News a hard time for calling it a “prank” — except that’s what Hogg is calling it, too:

Just a “silly prank”? Sorry, what?!

No, see, that’s not normal. People could’ve been killed. Hogg’s got plenty of opportunities to pivot to his cause; this is not one of them.

If our home had just been SWAT-ted, we’d be terrified. Unless it’s some sort of weird coping mechanism, we’re not sure why Hogg is downplaying what happened, particularly given what he’s been through.

No matter what, we’re just grateful that no one was hurt. But man, this is is weird.

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