Few things upset the Left more than when a minority is willing to think for him or herself. So naturally, the fact that Chad Felix Greene is an outspoken gay conservative didn’t sit well with self-described “recovering journalist” Jason K. Watkins, who apparently figured that Greene’s conservatism was reason enough to drag him through the mud:

That’s exactly what he’s doing.

That’s lovely, isn’t it?

Because that’s exactly what he is. A bitter, angry, unhinged bigot.

Greene was more than happy to oblige:

Greene’s piece is both frightening and heartbreaking. Only a monster wouldn’t see that.


Yes. The difference is that Greene is a good person and you, Jason, are not.

And Watkins is genuinely cruel.

We’re not journalists, but we can’t think of any legitimate job that entails sliming victims of sexual abuse.


Shame on Watkins for his twisted attempt to re-victimize Greene — and kudos to Greene for standing strong in the face of such unbridled hatred.

We’ll leave you with this:



Dear Lord … Watkins is still at it:

What on earth?

Kudos to Greene for being much more civil to Watkins than we would be.

How much deeper can you dig that grave, Jason? We can’t wait to find out!

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