As Twitchy told you, ABC has axed “Roseanne” following the star’s despicable, racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett. Because her dressing up like Hitler and baking Jewish gingerbread men apparently didn’t quite reach the threshold for offensiveness.

Well anyway, Disney/ABC execs are patting themselves on the back for having the courage to do “the right thing”:

They’re not fooling anyone who’s been paying attention to Roseanne’s decades of unhinged lunacy. But you know who is buying their crap? Chris Cillizza:

Yes, folks. That’s real. He actually wrote that.

The scorchingest.

Because Chris Cillizza is a shameless hack, that’s why.

Speaking of swings and misses, did Cillizza forget that Keith Olbermann just got an expanded role at ABC’s sister company ESPN? Because that kinda makes ABC’s moral line look a little blurry.

Someday, Chris will realize what a sad excuse for a journalist he is and make a concerted effort to dig himself out of the enormous grave he’s in.

Eh, who’re we kidding?

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