The Root’s Monique Judge lent her voice to the chorus of those calling on ABC to cancel “Roseanne” and then applauding the network when they did so. Over the course of several hours today, Judge retweeted these takes on the controversy:

Judge was also among the many who called out “Roseanne” costar Sara Gilbert for her statement on the show’s cancellation:

You know who else is just “offended now” by blatant racism? Monique Judge. Take a look at what she tweeted about Ben Carson last year:

Now, we’re not saying that’s racist … but that’s pretty damn racist.

But it’s OK when she does it, or something.

Yep, she does. And she wants all the “Roseanne stans and MAGA people” to stop calling her out, thank you very much.

Or maybe your mentions are a dumpster fire because you’re a flaming hypocrite.