Nothing to see here! Nope! Just Iran evidently developing long-range missiles and whatnot:

More from the New York Times:

[A team of California-based weapons researchers] stumbled on a series of clues that led them to a startling conclusion: Shortly before his death, the scientist, Gen. Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, oversaw the development of a secret, second facility in the remote Iranian desert that, they say, is operating to this day.

For weeks, the researchers picked through satellite photos of the facility. They found, they say, that work on the site now appears to focus on advanced rocket engines and rocket fuel, and is often conducted under cover of night.

It is possible that the facility is developing only medium-range missiles, which Iran already possesses, or perhaps an unusually sophisticated space program.

But an analysis of structures and ground markings at the facility strongly suggests, though does not prove, that it is developing the technology for long-range missiles, the researchers say.

Such a program would not violate the international deal intended to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, or any other formal agreement. Still, if completed, it could threaten Europe and potentially the United States. And if Iran is found to be conducting long-range missile work, that would increase tensions between Tehran and the United States.

Five outside experts who independently reviewed the findings agreed that there was compelling evidence that Iran is developing long-range missile technology.

We know, right?

And, lo and behold, Max Fisher, who wrote the article, is suggesting that Iran’s apparent work on long-range missiles is directly related to the Iran Deal’s collapse. Because of course:

Just in case you’d forgotten that Max Fisher is a dishonest hack.

And that’s not even the stupidest part of Fisher’s tweet.

Let us stop you right there: Max Fisher is not better than this. He has never been better than this.