Honest question: Does anyone at CNN actually do any research beyond blindly regurgitating “facts” from agenda-driven sources? We ask because in the wake of the deadly Santa Fe shooting in Texas late last week, CNN busted out an easily debunked statistic about American school shootings in 2018, and last night, CNN producer and news editor AnneClaire Stapleton tweeted this out:

Argh. When it comes to guns, CNN doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about. You know who does? Washington Free Beacon staff writer — and certified gun instructor — Stephen Gutowski:

Methodology is only one of CNN’s problems. And it’s a big one. But bigger still is CNN’s eagerness to push a false narrative at the expense of their journalistic integrity. Whatever’s left of it, anyway.

Here’s a sampling:

This … is CNN? No wonder their reputation is so lousy.