As Twitchy told you earlier, Dana Loesch took Obama’s former Education Secretary — and gun control advocate — Arne Duncan to school over his own role in the PROMISE Program. After Duncan reiterated his “intentionally provocative” idea that parents pull their kids out of school until gun laws are changed, Loesch pointed out that the PROMISE Program prevents criminal records from being established — records that might have made it much more difficult for Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz to get his hands on the gun he used to commit mass murder.

Newsweek national politics writer Nina Burleigh — who has also written for the New York Times and CNN, among others — took issue with Loesch’s much-warranted dunking on Duncan:

Nice try, Nina, but no.

And how:

Game, set, and match.

Don’t mess with Dana Loesch. Just … don’t.