As Twitchy told you, on Wednesday, in response to Donald Trump’s wildly out-of-context “animals” remarks about MS-13, Ana Navarro wasted no time wagging her finger and comparing Trump to Nazis and slave owners:

Needless to say, things got pretty awkward when the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra dug up this gem from 2016:

But that wasn’t as awkward as it was going to get. No, sirree. Because literally one day after shaming Trump for referring to MS-13 as “animals,” Navarro tweeted this:

A racist what, Ana?

Last time we checked, pigs were definitely part of the animal kingdom.

Aaron Schlossberg’s racist rant is indeed disgusting, and there’s no question that he seems like an all-around nasty piece of work. But as far as we know, Schlossberg, unlike members of MS-13, hasn’t raped or murdered anyone or chopped off anyone’s head or ripped anyone’s heart out. So why is it OK to call Schlossberg a “pig,” but beyond the pale to call MS-13 “animals”?

Also, Ana, if you’re gonna liken Donald Trump to a Nazi calling Jews “rats,” maybe don’t call a Jew a “pig” the next day.