There’s something especially nauseating about Hillary Clinton chiming in after a deadly tragedy. Maybe it’s the fact that she has presided over several deadly tragedies herself.

In any event, she saw an opportunity to score some cheap political points after this morning’s deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, and naturally, she took it:

The irony of someone like Hillary Clinton calling on other people to do “soul searching” is not lost on us. Nor is the irony of someone with a heart of stone making an emotional appeal.

Kyle Kashuv, for one, isn’t buying what Hillary’s selling. So, he’s asking her to put her money where her big mouth is for change:

Hope you brought a book, Kyle.

Funny … there wasn’t one.

It’s true. As Ben Shapiro says, facts don’t care about your feelings. And well, Hillary Clinton’s feelings don’t care about your facts.