As Twitchy told you, über-hack Andrea Mitchell is doing her part to advance a context-free, B.S. narrative about Donald Trump referring to illegal immigrants as animals. See, what Mitchell — and many of her media colleagues — failed to note is that the “animals” to which Trump was referring are MS-13 gang members. But then, they were never really interested in telling the truth to begin with.

And that works out great for SJW — and congressional wannabe — Brianna Wu, because it gives her an excuse to break out the Nazi comparisons:

Too bad her history lesson rings pretty hollow. How could she forget that less than 48 hours ago, she was condemning Israel for defending itself against terrorists?

We’ll give Brianna this much: She’s got chutzpah. Because it takes some serious chutzpah to liken Trump to a Nazi when you’re defending Hamas — who is literally hell-bent on exterminating as many Jews as possible. Take a bow, Brianna!