Is there anything on this planet — or on any planet — that Neil deGrasse Tyson won’t try to take a ginormous crap on? We know, of course, that the answer is no. And still, somehow, he manages to surprise us with just how awful and hacky he really is.

It’s been over a month since “Chappaquiddick” was released, but it took Neil until today to find a way to ruin it. Probably because it takes a lot of time to reach this far:

He’s just saying, you guys.

He did? We don’t remember that.

Because it beats being taken seriously?

Speaking of being “that guy,” only “that guy” would focus on the freakin’ moon instead of the fact that Ted Kennedy, you know, let a woman drown.

What a shame Neil wasn’t strutting his stuff back then.

He really doesn’t. But if he’s going to insist on subjecting us to any more of his insights …

Maybe we should.