The news that Donald Trump killed the Iran Deal had people asking a very important question:

And how!

Well, Jennifer Rubin is certainly an expert when it comes to reversals:


What was coherent about Obama’s plan?

Does Rubin even know what her own policy is?

If she “obviously didn’t support the Iran Deal,” then why is she so bent out of shape that it’s dead? Oh. Because she’s a flaming hack.

Oh, bullsh*t. Iran never had any intention of honoring their part of any bargain. And Jennifer knows that. Or at least she did. Before she didn’t.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Rubin to take responsibility for what she’s said. Own your hackery, Jen. We think you’ll find it liberating.



‘Lost your MIND’! Jennifer Rubin’s INSANE Iran Deal-splaining sends jaws CRASHING into floors