The crazy train just keeps a-rolling … let’s see how far we it can go before it derails.

This afternoon, Kanye West tweeted out what appeared to be a texting conversation between himself and “JL”:


But more importantly than that, JL? JL who?

West offered up a clue in his next tweet:

John, huh?

Plenty of people had their suspicions about JL’s identity. The consensus was that it was John Legend:

Their suspicions were confirmed when West tweeted this:


For what it’s worth, here’s what Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen had to say about it:

This is fun, isn’t it? Legend hasn’t tweeted about it yet, though he did appear to address the Kanye-versy yesterday in a series of tweets. Here are a few of them:

Well, now thanks to Kanye West, we know a little more about what Legend thinks now.


What a time to be alive.