Australia’s Catherine Deveny has a lot of titles, according to her bio: writer, comedian, author, social commentator and speaker. She also touts herself as a “feminist, atheist, cyclist, Gunnas Writing Master, Curvy Crumpet, Pushy Woman, Trollhunter & Atheist Kibbutz founder.” But she seems to have left one important title off: garbage person.

In advance of Anzac Day, the day of remembrance for members of the Australian and New Zealand armed forces, she vomited up this take on the military:

Uh …

She’s special, isn’t she?

It would appear that way, yes.

Holy crap.

Don’t worry — there’s still more where that came from:

It’s like a train wreck. We can’t look away, no matter badly we want to.

OK, that’s probably enough.

And with good reason.

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