Leave it Vox to get it wrong. This time, it’s about nutty professor Randa Jarrar, whose dancing on Barbara Bush’s grave landed her in hot water. According to Vox’s Anna North, her predicament is essentially conservatives’ fault:

OK, first of all:

Seriously. And second of all, what’s the purpose of bringing Jarrar’s being a Muslim into this, if not to suggest that conservatives are bigots for taking issue with what she said? It’s pretty clear that Vox has a narrative to advance, and they’re going for it, full-steam ahead:

The story of Randa Jarrar, a professor at California State University Fresno, is different from the one we’ve seen play out again and again recently. Instead of a white, male conservative professor or guest speaker saying something controversial, leading to a social media feud over whether conservative speech is under attack, Jarrar is a liberal woman of color who became the object of attack for criticizing a conservative.

Unlike the men (and sometimes women) who have challenged “political correctness” and been deemed brave by the right for their unique intellectual courage, Jarrar is a Muslim woman who called out Barbara Bush, a beloved conservative figure who had just died, for racism. In response, her mentions quickly filled up with racist and sexist harassment, her university hinted at a possible firing, and the media coverage became bizarrely personal. Jarrar said she also received death threats.

Some conservatives and libertarians have since stepped in to defend Jarrar on free speech grounds. But Jarrar’s case is a reminder that when a woman of color speaks out on her views about race, she faces unique dangers that aren’t shared by white pundits who take controversial positions. And her speech isn’t always seen as courageous — even though women of color who call out prejudice, especially online, are virtually guaranteed to receive racist and sexist abuse.

Oh, give it a rest already. Jarrar being “a liberal woman of color” is of no consequence when it comes to free speech. Prominent media conservatives by and large defended Jarrar’s freedom of speech because it’s her right as an American.

Why? Because it’s inconvenient, that’s why. North even acknowledges — reluctantly, we reckon — the prominent conservatives like Ben Shapiro who defended Jarrar’s right to free speech, odious as her speech may be. National Review’s David French is another media conservative who argued against punishing Jarrar for what she’d said:

How are conservatives like Shapiro and French “sparking free speech battles”? If anyone’s waging a war on free speech, it’s progressive SJWs. If Jarrar were a conservative professor who had cheered the death of a Democratic First Lady, you can bet liberal talking heads would be calling for her immediate firing.

So why is North not making a bigger deal out of conservatives who went to bat for Jarrar?

God forbid North acknowledge that conservatives, unlike liberals, can actually walk the walk when it comes to free speech. God forbid she tell the truth.

Complete and total fail.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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