Elizabeth Warren had a message for black activists at the National Action Network conference today:

More from Bloomberg:

The fiery Massachusetts Democrat, one of five possible Democratic presidential contenders scheduled to address a gathering of black activists in New York, blamed big banks and government failings for a huge disparity in home ownership in America by race.

“I know I haven’t personally experienced the struggles of African-American families, but I am here to say that no one can ignore what is happening in this country,” Warren said.

If only she’d stopped there …

She added: “All our fights are interconnected.”


We see what you did there. But seriously. As a self-proclaimed woman of color, shouldn’t Elizabeth Warren know better than this?

Will the Dems ever learn that shameless pandering can only take them so far?

Ambitious Democrats are eager to connect with the black community, which plays a critical role in the Democratic presidential primary process. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, another scheduled speaker at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s annual conference, struggled to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary in part because of his weak relationship with black voters.

Here’s hoping they don’t learn. If for no other reason than to keep us entertained.

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