On April 6, 15 people were killed and at least 14 others were injured when a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team collided with a semi truck in Saskatchewan. Since then, more than $8 million have been raised on GoFundMe to support the victims and their families.

Over the weekend, HuffPost Canada reported on the progress of the fundraising campaign:

And here’s what Quebec-based “writer and activist” — and “happy socialist” — Nora Loreto got from that:

Un. Freaking. Real.

It takes a pretty effed-up mind to complain about the young white male privilege of dead crash victims.

That’s some Touré-level sh*t.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.



More of that white male privilege at work:

Are you sorry yet, Nora? Because you sure as hell should be.

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