As Twitchy told you, Kurt Eichenwald took a pretty personal swipe at Kyle Kashuv — shortly after decrying personal attacks on Parkland students. Since David Hogg is apparently making the rules these days, some tweeters wondered if it’s time to call for a boycott of any companies who advertise with media outlets associated with Eichenwald.

Kashuv initially responded to Eichewald’s hypocrisy by fighting fire with fire:

But Kashuv was just trying to make a point:

Well done, young man.

David Hogg could learn a lot from him. So could Kurt Eichenwald, for that matter.

He’s getting to it, Kyle. Any day now, we’re sure.

Does confusion also explain why Eichenwald thinks he can cut and run?

What B.S. Aside from the “accidentally” nonsense, Eichenwald inserted himself into the Hogg-Ingraham affair.

He doesn’t get to suddenly distance himself now that Kashuv is holding him accountable.

Someone’s acting like Kurt Eichenwald.

Parting reminder:



Who’s up for a flashback?

Oh yeah. Kurt Eichenwald is most definitely full of it.