Fresh hell! Get your fresh hell right here!

These tips are from Cecile Richards’ new book, “Make Trouble.”

Don’t worry: they’re not as bad as you think … they’re actually worse. Aside from SJW-inspired gobbledegook like this:

4. Gender roles are alive and well, and they start early.

5. Get comfortable making others uncomfortable.

8. Everything you need to know in life you can learn on a campaign.

9. Nothing is more motivating than seeing generational progress through your kids’ eyes.

10. There are some basic life skills every kid needs, whether or not they’re an activist.

Richards’ parenting tips are offensive just by virtue of being written by someone who has proudly presided over the murder of millions upon millions of unborn children.

7. Someone always has to be the mom.

Well, not if Planned Parenthood has anything to say about it.