You know what we need? More depictions of famous women on their periods. Said no one ever.

Still, that’s what BuzzFeed’s giving us anyway, whether we like it or not:

Wanna see Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Joan of Arc on the toilet? No? Well, then it sucks to be you:

And [27-year-old Brooklyn illustrator Ariella Elovic has] created a series called #mightymenstruation that features impactful women through history having their period. Elovic explained to BuzzFeed:

I launched #mightymenstruation in honor of Women’s History month. I wanted some way to communicate the truth about women — that we all get our periods and it doesn’t make us any less productive, reliable, or respectable. I wanted to communicate that when you get your period, you are joining this group of powerful women, celebrate it! And I felt starting off with historically prominent women would really drive that point home, listing all of their accomplishments and throwing in at the end, “and they got their period.”

How empowering! Wait, did we say “empowering”? We meant “stupid.”

Like, really, really stupid.

Stop? Oh no. Elovic’s just getting started:

I am having so much fun making these, so there are more to come, this project does not end after Women’s History month! I also recognize that trans/gender non-conforming people bleed as well and plan on adding examples to this series.

Because why the hell not.

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