As Twitchy told you, a brand-new pedestrian bridge at Florida International University has collapsed, resulting in multiple deaths. Some jackasses have tried to blame it on Donald Trump. Perhaps they can explain how Trump is responsible for this:

From the Miami New Times:

Two of the biggest firms that built the Florida International University pedestrian bridge that collapsed today have recently been accused of unsafe practices. In one of those cases, another bridge project toppled onto workers.

[Munilla Construction Management] was accused in Miami-Dade Civil Court March 5 of severely injuring a TSA employee at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport because of shoddy work. According to the lawsuit, Munilla — which has a major contract to expand the airport — built a “makeshift bridge” through an area where airport workers must walk to reach restrooms.

The FIU project isn’t the first major bridge built by [Figg Bridge Group] to collapse in recent years. A Figg-assembled span in Virginia fell apart in June 2012 while under construction. Workers were installing a 90-ton concrete portion of the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge when it dropped 40 feet onto railroad tracks below, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

To say that this tragedy never should have happened is a gross understatement.

And this is not reassuring:

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