Hope you’ve got your tiny violin handy … you’re gonna need it to play a sad song for Jimmy Kimmel:

In the April issue of O magazine, Kimmel unburdened himself to Oprah Winfrey:

“I don’t know if it was scary, but it was uncomfortable, and it’s not something I looked forward to,” he admits. “I definitely felt a sense of relief when it was over.”

Kimmel notes that his candidness did have a downfall. “According to polls I’ve seen, it has cost me commercially. That’s not ideal, but I wouldn’t change anything I said.”

So stunning and brave!


“I know my job is, for the most part, to entertain people and make them laugh. That said, if I can be selfish every once in a while and talk about something serious that’s important to me, then I do want to take that opportunity,” Kimmel tells Winfrey. “But I don’t want to abuse my position. I pick my battles. Ninety percent of the time, I’ll joke around, but some of the jokes, I hope, make people think.”

Oh, they make people think, all right: They make people think that Kimmel is a shameless hack whose show isn’t worth watching. Last time we checked, nobody was forcing him to use his show to push his personal political agenda.

Forgive us if we’re not moved by his plight.