David Hogg is not going anywhere anytime soon. Not as long as the media have anything to say about it. They’re determined to make sure he milks every last drop out of his 15 minutes.

Case in point, CNN. Last night, Wolf Blitzer had Hogg on to play Junior Pundit, and it went about as well as could be expected. Which is to say, Hogg made an ass of himself and Blitzer indulged him:

David Hogg is clearly a passionate kid. But passion is no substitute for logic, expertise, or credibility. Not only is Hogg not remotely qualified to be dictating gun policy, but all of his arguments for gun control rest on baseless smears against those with whom he disagrees. And outlets like CNN are just letting him get away with it.

It’s just so transparent.

In the long run, kids like Hogg are only going to end up hurting themselves. It’s long past time adults in their lives steps in and say enough is enough.

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