Nothing screams “Real Journalism” like blatant character assassination.

Yesterday, the HuffPost accused Ben Shapiro — among others — of trying to smear the Parkland shooting survivors who have turned into gun control activists. But Shapiro isn’t the kind of guy to sit back and let himself get slimed. He fights back:

“Irresponsible and absurd” is right. Here’s the excerpt HuffPost’s Igor Bobic tried to use as evidence of Shapiro’s anti-survivor smear campaign:

“What, pray tell, did these students do to earn their claim to expertise?” Shapiro wrote in National Review. “They were present during a mass shooting, and they have the right point of view, according to the Left. There’s a reason that producers at CNN are eager to put junior Cameron Kasky in front of the cameras: He says things like ‘You’re either with us or against us.’ It seems a stretch to think that if Kasky were instead advocating for more armed school security, CNN would be breaking into its primetime lineup to air his views.”

Where, exactly, is the smear?

The HuffPost’s current Twitter bio is “Know what’s real.” Clearly they’re not interested in following their own advice.