Gun control advocates have been waxing poetic about the Stoneman High School students — and other kids — who are condemning the NRA and calling for stricter gun laws. Because never let a crisis go to waste.

But not every student is toeing their preferred line. Yesterday, Jake Tapper highlighted one Parkland student, Colton Haab, who had the nerve to suggest that if Aaron Feis — who was a school security guard as well as a coach — had been able to carry a firearm, Nikolas Cruz may have been stopped a lot sooner:

Suddenly, there are some kids we shouldn’t listen to.

But for John Latimer, a former reporter for the Lebanon Daily News, it wasn’t enough to dismiss Haab for having an opinion he didn’t agree with. He also had to try to dig up dirt on the kid:


Tapper rightly called Latimer out for that:

Not surprisingly, Latimer wasn’t sorry:

We certainly understand John Latimer better.

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