Fasih Ahmed is the editor of Newsweek Pakistan. Or at least he was

In case you missed it, Fasih Ahmed raised eyebrows everywhere with his tweet about sexual abuse of children and art, which could most charitably be described as bizarre:

Hoo boy.

In another tweet, he did mention Zainab, which refers to Zainab Ansari, a 7-year-old Pakistani girl who was raped and murdered:

But any sort of cogent point he was trying to make pretty much went out the window. Because when Ahmed was confronted …

He kind of just made it worse:

Ironically, Ahmed may be the one changing fields. Because when Newsweek got wind of what he’d written, they were decidedly not pleased:


No kidding.

Pretty terrible.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets and text.



‘You’re screwed’: Did Newsweek Pakistan editor’s backpedaling just make things WORSE for him?

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