Plus-size model and “body positive activist” Tess Holliday is taking a stand for women’s equality by … taking off her clothes?

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The model, 32, shared an unretouched photo of herself, naked, to advocate for women’s equality. Her husband Nick took the photo and added it to his Instagram account on Saturday, which Tess then reposted.

“Women deserve respect, whether they are completely naked or covered head to toe,” Nick wrote.

He added that they planned this photo a few weeks prior, but decided to share it on the day of the Women’s March that took place across the world on Jan. 20 and 21 because they were unable to go to the Los Angeles protest.

Hate to break it to you, Tess and Nick, but, well, you’re doing it wrong.

Since when does exploiting your body equal empowerment?

Don’t we all?