We’ve come a long way, baby. Such a long way, in fact, that hair is apparently a social construct. Or something:

Perfect, huh?

L’Oreal has become the first major international brand to cast a woman in a hijabin a hair campaign, explaining that hair care is of interest to everyone, whether you choose to show your hair in public, or not.

Blogger and model Amena Khan, who also worked with the French brand on their 2017 collaboration with The Prince’s Trust, wrote on her Instagram that this was a “game changing” new project.

“You have to wonder – why is it presumed that women that don’t show their hair don’t look after it,” Khan said in an interview with Vogue magazine.

Well, we’re not sure who’s presuming that, but it does seem pretty reasonable to assume that a hair campaign spokeswoman would, you know, show her hair.