Yesterday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered an angry, emotionally charged speech rebuking Israel and the U.S., particularly Donald Trump:

Abbas called Trump’s moves a “slap in the face” and threatened that the Palestinians “will slap back,” without elaborating. He took particular aim at the U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, a strong supporter of Israel’s West Bank settlements, for reportedly objecting to the use of the word occupation, and Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, for once quipping that she wore high heels to fend off Israel’s opponents.

“[U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman] is an offensive human being, and I will not agree to meet with him anywhere. They requested that I meet him and I refused,” he said. “Nikki Haley too. She threatens to hit people who hurt Israel with the heel of her shoe, and the response to her speech will be harsher.”

He also reiterated his demand that Britain apologize for its 1917 Balfour Declaration, which endorsed the idea of a Jewish state. He accused Israel of sending drugs to Palestinian children. Most angering to Israelis, however, was his assertion that the country was a result of Western efforts to offload their Jews.

“They wanted to bring Jews here from Europe to maintain European interests in the region. They asked Holland, which had the largest navy in the world, to transfer the Jews,” he said. “Israel is a colonialist project that has nothing to do with Jews.”

J Street, who exists solely for the purpose of smacking Israel around under the guise of being “pro-peace,” actually criticized Abbas’ “unacceptable” speech:

Sunday’s speech by President Abbas no doubt reflected his own and the Palestinian people’s deep despair at the ever-deepening occupation and the lack of diplomatic progress toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That frustration, however, is no excuse for calling into question either the Jewish connection to, or Palestinian recognition of, the state of Israel – or for language and proposals that are justifiably earning widespread condemnation.

Of course, it didn’t take long for J Street to point out that Abbas would never have spoken out against Israel like that if it weren’t for — you guessed it — Donald Trump:


This speech – and the undercutting of America’s role as a mediator in this conflict – would not have come about if it were not for President Trump’s inept and disastrous missteps regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By appointing a settlement movement ally as Ambassador to Israel, refusing to endorse the two-state solution and upending longstanding US policy on Jerusalem, the president and his team have taken one step after another to destroy the chances of peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Damn that Donald Trump! The Palestinian powers that be are nothing if not devoted to the cause of peace in Israel, and Trump had to go and get elected POTUS and screw it all up!

No kidding.