BuzzFeed’s about to blow the lid off the Iran protests, y’all. Can you handle this mega-scoop?

An old image! Can you believe it?

As protests against the government in Iran have gathered steam, one image, showing a woman waving a white headscarf on a busy road, has been widely shared online.

December 27!

But the image, a still from a video, was first posted online last week — and she had nothing to do with the current protests sweeping Iran. Her personal action was part of a longer-running protest movement against women being forced to wear the hijab in public.

“There is no link between the photo and the protests. She made her lonely protest just a day before the uprising,” she said over the phone from New York. “We don’t know where she is but she has become an iconic picture of the Iran protests.”

The day before the uprising? Well, then, we’d better stop spreading that photo around. We wouldn’t want to trick people with something so old.

As a general rule, yes.