Looks like Meryl Streep’s hypocrisy on sexual predation and less-than-credibly professed ignorance with regard to Harvey Weinstein may finally be coming back to bite her. At least on the streets of Hollywood:

More from the Hollywood Reporter:

The posters went up near Streep’s house in Pasadena, near the SAG-AFTRA building in Mid-Wilshire and across from the 20th Century Fox studio lot in Century City. Fox is behind the dramaThe Post, which stars Streep alongside Tom Hanks and opens on Jan. 11.

The artists are referring to accusations (which Streep has denied) that she had knowledge of Weinstein’s alleged predatory behavior and did not speak up. That claim has been promoted by actress Rose McGowan, who alleges she was raped by Weinstein.

On Tuesday, Streep issued a response to McGowan. “I want to let her know I did not know about Weinstein’s crimes, not in the ‘90s when he attacked her, or through subsequent decades when he proceeded to attack others,” Streep stated. “I wasn’t deliberately silent. I didn’t know. I don’t tacitly approve of rape. I didn’t know.”

Well, whether or not she actually knew, somebody’s seriously letting her have it.

She certainly knew about Roman Polanski’s sexual predation when she gave him a standing ovation.

Speaking of other women …

She’s ripe for the picking!



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