As Twitchy told you, AT&T is already spinning the tax reform bill into gold, announcing bonuses for 200,000 employees as well as a $1 billion capital expenditures budget increase. That kind of messes with Democrats’ narrative that tax cuts for corporations wouldn’t benefit the Little Guy.

This messes with that narrative, too:


Investment in employees and charitable causes? Will this GOP-fueled corporate monstrousness never end?

It might as well be. Can you imagine? Massive corporations passing money they keep onto their employees! It’s mayhem!

Confronted with good news about tax reform, media lefties have little choice but to find a way to spin it as a negative. Erstwhile Media Matters minion Oliver Willis, for example, didn’t waste any time:

It must suck to be such a Debbie Downer all the time.

Hope you’ve got lots more trees handy. Willis is being joined in his sneering disdain by Crooked Media editor in chief (and former New Republic senior editor) Brian Beutler:

In other words:

That’s what you wanna go with Brian? Good luck with that, buddy.

Unless you’re a flaming hack.