A lot of die-hard “Star Wars” fans have bones to pick with “The Last Jedi,” but is this really one of them?

More from BuzzFeed:

[“The Last Jedi” writer-director Rian] Johnson is keenly aware of fan enthusiasm for a romance between Finn and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), and he was also familiar with internet chatter that a passage in one of the Star Wars novels suggests that Holdo may be bisexual. But he said that as he worked out the story arcs for the characters in this film — which revolve around the First Order’s relentless pursuit of what’s left of the Resistance’s fleet — there just wasn’t time to develop a strong romantic plotline, save for a brief kiss Rose gives Finn at the end of the film.

“Sexuality, in general, is not something that’s front of mind in any of these movies,” he said.

And that’s bad … why, exactly?

But Johnson was quick to add, “I think [LBGT representation] is something that absolutely could have a place in this universe. I’m sure it will at some point.” It may come rather soon: Star Wars: Episode IX, due for release in 2019, is currently being written by Abrams and Chris Terrio, with Abrams set to direct — and Abrams has said he would “love” for LGBT characters to appear in Star Wars.

Really focusing on the important stuff here.


That’s a really good question, actually. What do they mean by “obvious,” exactly?

Stereotypes are, like, so progressive, you guys.

It’s none of our business, except when it’s all we’re supposed to care about. Make your minds, SJWs!