Yesterday, Geraldo Rivera came to Matt Lauer’s defense, calling Lauer “a great guy” and pointing out that “news is a flirty business.” Some people couldn’t help but wonder if Geraldo was just trying to cover his own tracks before he found himself embroiled in a scandal.

After doubling down on that assertion, Geraldo attempted to backtrack and apologized:

But that apology may have come too late for Bette Midler:

Earlier today, she shared this flashback of an interview with Barbara Walters, during the course of which Geraldo’s name came up:

Did you catch that last line? “You have no way of knowing at the time that these things are gonna come back to haunt you.” Yikes. And possibly very prophetic.

If Midler’s story is true, Geraldo has definitely got a lot to answer for.

Now, a parting question for Ms. Midler: Will she apologize to Leeann Tweeden for so callously and maliciously victim-blaming her?