Maybe the GOP tax bill is a hot mess, but if this is the best ammo the media have against it, Republicans don’t have too much to worry about:

More from Vox:

The alcohol industry has been lobbying for such cuts for years. It’s finally getting what it wanted: The Senate proposal would cut federal alcohol excise taxes by 16 percent by effectively reducing taxes across the board for beer, wine, and liquor over the next two years, according to a new analysis by Adam Looney at Brookings.

But economists and public health experts argue this would amount to a public health disaster; alcohol is if anything underpriced, they argue, given the external costs that it already carries. Consider: Alcohol is linked to 88,000 deaths each year in the US — making it the third leading cause of preventable death in America after smoking and the combination of poor diet and physical inactivity. And death is only one external cost of alcohol, with others including more crime, car crashes, and reduced economic output. All of this is enabled by cheap alcohol, which makes it easier to drink in excess.

This problem would be made worse by Congress’s tax cuts. Looney analyzes the research on alcohol prices and estimates that “the legislation will cause … approximately 1,550 total alcohol-related deaths annually from all causes.” Since the tax cuts expire after 2019, that amounts to 3,100 more preventable deaths over the next two years — and more if Congress extends the tax cuts further.

Old and busted: Republicans want to push grandma off a cliff. New hotness: Republicans want Americans to drink themselves to death.

Super-duper sciencey.



Wouldn’t you know it? ThinkProgress went there, too:

The Left is ridiculous.