Remember that twisted, despicable anti-Gillespie ad put out by left-wing Latino Victory yesterday? The one depicting Gillespie voters as racist, xenophobic rednecks hellbent on running over minority kids with their trucks?

Well, they pulled their tweet:

So, did they grow a conscience? Or were they just trying to bury it after today’s deadly terrorist attack in New York, where a man mowed innocent pedestrians down with a truck?

To answer our earlier question, we’re pretty sure they didn’t grow a conscience; they just didn’t want to get into more trouble. Odd, then, that they still haven’t seen fit to delete this tweet mocking conservatives disgusted by their nasty ad:

Here’s a sample of them:

It didn’t age well at all.

Here’s what they had the “courage” to do:

Gotta love how they managed to get in another swipe at Republicans.

So, Will any of these “other powerful ads” feature Republican voters murdering people (via non-truck means, of course)? Stay tuned!