Given how terrible Democrats are at, well, everything, it’s not surprising that their media water carriers have got their work cut out for them. But this Yahoo News scoop on Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie shows just how desperate they really are:

Whoa, you guys. Whoa:

Ed Gillespie often insists that the gubernatorial election in Virginia should mainly be a dialogue about the deeply researched policy papers he’s put out on seemingly every topic under the sun.

And while that may be true, the Republican’s campaign might be best known at this point for a series of TV ads in which photos of heavily tattooed Latino men are displayed as the words “KILL, RAPE, CONTROL” flash across the screen.

Well, yeah. Because the “heavily tattooed Latino men” are MS-13 gang members.

Because when all else fails, play the “racism” card.

But it’s hard to imagine Gillespie running an ad like his MS-13 spot a few years ago, because for over a decade he’s been a leader of the Republican effort to bring Latinos into the GOP and tone down anti-immigration rhetoric. The inflammatory nature of the TV ad illustrates to many observers how even the most moderate Republicans are being pulled to the hard right by the Republican Party base.

Good. Lord. Gillespie’s ad isn’t about demonizing Latinos are catering to “the hard right.” It’s about the very real threat MS-13 poses to Virginians. See, that “RAPE, KILL, CONTROL” thing? That’s kinda their slogan.

But facts ARE pesky things. Aren’t they, Yahoo News?

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