Yesterday, former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale was reportedly hospitalized after barricading himself inside his home and threatening suicide.

What’s more hilarious than that? Some blue-checked lefties were hard-pressed to come up with anything.

Meet MSNBC political analyst John Heilemann:

Hope Siraj has plenty of room for more.

Rob Gill is a self-described “LGBT Advocate and Commentator” who has since protected his tweets in the hopes that you don’t realize he’s a terrible person.

Bob Lynch is a Democrat running for the Florida State House:

A pretty stiff competition, in fact:

Ed Greenberger is an award-winning news anchor.

We have no idea who Neil Hopkins is, but he’s got a blue checkmark so there:

Don’t like Brad Parscale? Fine. Think he’s corrupt? Fine.

But making jokes about his potential suicide and encouraging him to kill himself is straight-up ghoulish and disgusting




It seems we left some people out of our post. We’ve corrected that mistake:

Michael Caputo has been diagnosed with cancer, but you enjoy this moment, ghouls.

(Thanks to @MattWolking for his help in bringing many of those to our attention.)