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SOOO Many Haters, SOOO Little Time: Let's Check in on the Twitchy Hate Mail, Shall We?

Fuzzy Chimp

One of my favorite parts of my job is reading through the comments and tips readers send us. For the most part, people are kind, friendly, helpful, and more times than not send us something we may have missed that should be a story or included in a story. Overall, our readers are bright, funny, kind, and incredibly supportive. BUT, like every site that dares share opinions our mealy-mouthed, angry, thin-skinned, overly-emotional, easily-triggered, chest-thumping Lefties don't approve of, we do get our fair share of hate mail. Colorful tidbits about our mothers, some insisting we're all Russian plants somehow trying to hand the country over to Putin ... I know they don't mean for them to be hilarious but you guys, they really are. 

I laugh every time we get something hateful SO I thought it would make sense to share some of the hate mail we get with the readers who invest in us, our VIP Peeps. I hope you laugh at these as much as I did.

This person was very angry with Aaron Walker (our local lawyer on freelance staff) - so angry in fact he or she wants us all wiped out sooner than later.

Is that what trying to overturn a legal election, install a fake slate of electors and ultimately when that didn't work goading thousands of your psychotic and retarded followers into storming Congress is now called? Is that it? You people are a f**king cancer. You need to be wiped out sooner rather than later.

You know this person is a lot of fun at birthday parties and family gatherings.

There seems to be a theme with our more hateful emails:

Yes the should go after ALL Republicans and exterminate them. They have no right to live. They oppose the true patriots the Democrats and stand in the way of our utopia. Republicans should not be allowed to live.

I can't imagine having enough time in a day to write a website and get so angry over something they wrote that I'd write an email and threaten their lives or the lives of all people in a political party I disagree with.

Nutbags, the lot of 'em.

This is one of my faves though:

"Sam J." is a horrible columnist. Twitchy can do better. She writes an entire column which consists of Twitter quotes from left wing hacks who hate the Cheney family. Shame on "Sam J." and Twitchy for publishing this slanderous pile of steaming anti-Republican manure.

Love this. Many of our haters don't realize I'm the one who gets the hate mail so I just sat and giggled when I saw this one. Luckily, Storm (who is my boss) wrote this person back thanking them for reading us and explaining how I'm one of our best writers.

He's rad that way.

Incidentally, the angry person who especially hates me didn't respond.


In other news, God forbid we have any typos:

I suggest not to only depend on spell check.


The nerve of us making a typo in a headline. Ok ok ok, so we shouldn't make mistakes and I'm glad people let us know about then when we make them, but shaming us for a typo? Eh. Correct us, yes. Shame us? Maybe not so much.

Oh, this one is funny:

Unlike Twitchy, Vox doesn't have a far right bias. No one should have a gun. Not individuals, mot p[olice, not military, not the FBI, not the Secret Service. NOONE.


Over/under on how many cats this woman has?

And another:

If you'd like people to pay for 'vip' status, perhaps making sure your people don't come off as 4 graders who can't pay attention to the details would be beneficial.

Alrighty then.

Good stuff, yes? Pretty funny?

As I've said many times before, when we make a mistake let us know because it will only make us better in the end. That being said, if you feel the need to threaten the lives of millions of people over something we wrote, it might be time to go outside and touch some grass.

Just sayin'.

Thanks for reading! - sj



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