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Sooo ... Cheap Fakes?! HuffPost Encouraging Team Biden to Use AI NOT a Good Look for Them OR Biden

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Last week I was technically off (I'm never really 'off') and in Wyoming with family when the presidential debate took place last week. I knew I'd make time to sit and watch it because no matter what, it would likely define the news cycle for at least a few days ... a few days. HA! I had no idea that it would all but end Biden's campaign and turn the Democrat Party upside down on its head. Of course, Joe is still insisting he's in it to win it and of course, some Democrats are doing what they do best and carrying water for the old timer but ultimately I will not be in the least bit surprised if and when they replace him and likely with Kamala.

They have to go with Kamala because if they don't they are racist and sexist or something. If nothing else, I hope they learn that DEI hires are bad although I'm pretty sure they're incapable of learning from their own mistakes. Otherwise they wouldn't have picked their VP based on her sex and color.

One of the main reasons I'm 99% sure Joe is done is that HuffPost is now saying his team should lie to Americans about who he is and how he looks by using Artificial Intelligence.

No, really.

Imagine not only thinking this, but writing it down, going through editors, finding a headline, and PUBLISHING IT for all the world to see.

Hey guys, we know Biden is a mess but what if we found a way for him to fake it? Didn't they just accuse Right-wing media of putting out 'cheap fakes' to make Biden look worse?

Holy Hell.

And these mouth-breathers accuse us of being in a cult.

Nope, they're not even hiding it anymore.

Why should they? They know we know Biden isn't running the country, they know we know they don't care if he's not running the country and will still vote for him because it's not about country, it's about hating one man so much they're willing to nuke the basic fundamentals of our country to keep him out of the White House. What's crazy about all of this is Trump actually did NOTHING like what they've accused him of doing ... not even a little bit.

Deep down they're just so used to getting their way that any sort of threat to 'their way' is fascist and evil and must be destroyed.

It's what people in a cult do. Ahem.



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