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'Birthstrikers' Are Harpies Who Refuse to Have Babies Until THIS Ends and I Can't Stop Laughing



Now there's a word you don't hear every day. It reminds me a bit of the women who say they will NOT have sex until abortion-on-demand and up to birth is the law of the land. Alrighty then, great. They never seem to realize they're literally doing something pro-life trying to own us evil pro-lifers. Oh, you mean you won't take part in the one act that can create a life if we don't legalize aborting 40-week-pregnancies? DARN. Guess you showed us. Darn it!

Welp, these same brain trusts are now refusing to have babies until climate change ends. 

No really. 

Again, ok. Good for you. By all means, don't have any babies until climate stops changing which means you know, EVER since climate is always changing. 

I get it, these people are trying to make an important STATEMENT because they believe anyone who drives an SUV or puts their AC on 70 during the day (THAT'S ME, BABY) are somehow powerful enough to change the climate but the reality is climate changes. And it always has. 

They say this like it's a bad thing.

Siraj apparently finds it as funny as I do. And c'mon, why do these crazy women always look this way? I find it hard to believe this woman was chomping at the bit to have a baby even before she decided to go on a birth-strike to save the planet. It's like the same crazy people who never shop at Hobby Lobby anyway insisting they will never shop there again since Hobby Lobby doesn't want to pay for birth control.

For something to actually make a difference it has to MATTER and I sincerely doubt anyone really cares if the birthstrikers aren't having babies because of climate change.

The self-importance of these people is off the charts.

It's the haircut.

And the bad makeup.

But mainly the haircut.

Tough, but fair.

See what I mean?



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