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'Ride or Die, BROTHER'! That Time Rick Wilson Lied Like a MOFO in a Private Message To Save His Backside


Believe it or not, I am not all that hard to get along with. Ok, so I can be a tad bit abrupt, assertive, even aggressive if you really push it but overall, I am not unreasonable and if there is an issue with something I write, especially if I've made a mistake, I own it. I correct it. In a time when so many outlets blatantly lie to people without a care in the world, I feel like it's imperative that we strive to be better in conservative media. So when Rick Wilson reached out to me about a piece I'd written on Joel Searby being connected to The Lincoln Project I was courteous. I even made the correction.

Like a sap.

In case you missed it, Joel Searby is a former McMullin adviser and allegedly solicited sex from a 14-year-old boy. Originally, when I wrote this piece I included The Lincoln Project because of a post from Mike Lee ... guess Wilson didn't want yet ANOTHER blemish on his precious Lincoln Project because he sent me private message. You can see those messages here:

'Hate us all you like' is a nice touch to play the victim right out of the gate, don't you think? As I pointed out, I don't hate Rick. I'd have to care about Rick to hate him and I just don't. It's not personal, it's just politics.

I suppose I should have second-guessed his claim and of course paid attention to the red flag of a message from Rick, but I did not. After I updated the piece (and I did make a jab at Rick in the update because of the whiny message), people came out of the WOODWORK to inform me I'd been had. Stories about the early days of The Lincoln Project and Searby's connection to McMullin and, Rick.

This post and Rick's response was probably my favorite though ... 

Again, my headline didn't say Searby worked for The Lincoln Project. 

I said he was connected.

And clearly, he was.

Maybe next time I'll say something like, RICK WILSON'S BRO when I write a headline about another predator connected to his garbage organization.

Hey, at least then he wouldn't feel the need to send me a whiny, weepy, message playing the victim.

Fool me once, shame on you ... 


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