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Black Womanist Says We Should Talk About White People Despising Black Freedom (Locks Replies)


One of my favorite 'things' on Twitter/X is when someone says we should talk about something sorta controversial and THEN locks down their replies. Oh, you want us to have a stupid conversation about stupid things? Then MAYBE don't lock down your post and allow people to respond to you. Especially when what you've said is exceptionally stupid, like what this Allison Wiltz had to say.

Granted, she does refer to herself as a Black Womanist (no idea what the heck that means but I assume it doesn't mean she's super tolerant or accepting of other people based in their sex, color, ability or creed) but if she really thinks white people are scared of black freedom she should at LEAST give white people an opportunity to address her argument.

The fact she did not allow for it tells me she was trolling.

Nothing more.

Look at this:

We see black freedom as a threat?

We despise their freedom?

What year does she think it is?

Before she locked down her post, several people did tell her how stupid her argument was ... I assume that's why she locked down. But this was her response even to people on the Left who told her she was full of it.

OOOOOH, not a Masters in Psychology. Someone alert the media!


And divided we fall.

Not only is white privilege a myth but it's a lazy argument for lazy racists to make when they don't really have anything else worthwhile to say.


The best part of her post is the copypasta that came from it. Copypasta is when someone takes a silly, melodramatic tweet, uses it word-for-word to mock TF out of the original poster.




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